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Looking to provide your workplace with the best tasting, most convenient, most refreshing and safest water possible?


Look no further, the TWF CC Water Cooler is your answer.


This feature packed Point-of-Use (POU) Bottle Free cooler dispenses a never ending stream of filtered and UV protected water that will keep everyone safe, healthy and hydrated.


Also, the TWF CC Water Cooler is one of the only Water Coolers on the market that has optional Touch Free Dispensing Sensors that can be toggled on/off along with an internal Leak Protection Device.

TWF CC Water Cooler

    • Optional Touchless Dispensing
      • Can be Toggled Off and On
    • LED Ultraviolet (UV) Tank Protection
    • Dual Layer Hygiene Nozzle
    • Large Volume 6.0L Tank
    • Premium Cabinet and Body from ABS Plastic and Steel
    • High Quality Korean Electronic Components
    • LG Brand Compressor
    • User Friendly
    • Leak Protection
    • Dimensions: W: 12.20″ x D: 13.58″ x H: 43.30″
    • Cold Water Capacity: 6.0L
    • Net Weight: 40 lb
    • Certification: UL, CE/CB, PSE, ENERGY STAR
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