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Woman enjoying a glass of clean, great tasting filtered water!


Why choose Water Filtration?


Think Water Filtration (TWF) Water Systems use filtration and sanitization technologies including carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and UV Light at the point-of-use (POU) to:


  • Remove: Sediment, Chlorine, Chloramine and Unpleasant Odours and Tastes

  • Eliminate and Prevent: Bacteria, Viruses, and Parasites

  • Reduce: Heavy Metals including Lead and other Chemical Contaminants


Water has never tasted so good! So staying hydrated and healthy has never been easier.


Our Service brings great value to you by providing an endless stream of drinking water that it is Clean, Tastes Great, Saves you Money, Saves you Time and Space and Helps Lessen your Impact on Our Environment.



Our water filtration solutions simply supplies you with the best tasting water possible.


One of the biggest complaints we hear from those who struggle with their daily water intake and staying hydrated is that their water tastes bad or isn’t enjoyable. Our water will change that.


Drinking our filtered water is not a chore, it is a treat.




When you choose Think Water Filtration for your home or workplace, you’re receiving drinking water that is clean of sediment, bacteria, viruses, parasites, while reducing chemical contaminants, heavy metals and freeing yourself of off-tastes and odours.

Depending on your water conditions and products your system could include:

  • Advanced carbon filtration – reduces chlorine, chloramine chemical contaminants, sediment, and off-tastes and odours and Heavy Metal Reduction (Lead Reduction)

  • KDF filtration – Synergy with Carbon filtration that limits and prevents scaling and bacteria growth, Heavy Metal Reduction (Lead Reduction)

  • Reverse osmosis filtration – provides the highest level of purification and eliminates dissolved solids and pollutants including pesticides, nitrates, fluoride, and 99% of lead. Not ideal for every application in the Lower Mainland, but where required we can provide.

  • Ultraviolet sanitization – kills bacteria and micro-organisms, including cryptosporidium and giardia, and prevents the growth of biofilm.

  • Food-grade tubing – odorless, tasteless, BPA-free tubing resists deterioration from UV sanitization.

  • Stainless steel tanks – prevents growth of micro-organisms and biofilm.

We cannot see the network of pipes that water travels through from our water sheds / treatment facilities to our taps. These pipes can range from 1-100 years old before reaching your workplace or home. The water travelling through this network is treated with chlorine to help protect it. But it still is susceptible to chemicals from corroded pipes, old fittings and all kinds of bacteria and parasites.


Also, traditional bottled water coolers aren’t much of an improvement as these open-water systems can come in contact with germs, dust, and dirt each time the bottle is changed. Not to mention most services do not include cooler cleaning and only deliver bottles.

Choose Think Water Filtration to ensure you have an endless supply of the cleanest and best tasting drinking water at your home and workplace.



Our service is an investment in your health and to your bottom line whether at home or at your workplace.


At home our systems are very affordable and easy to maintain. And will easily save you money on bottled water right away.


At your workplace we offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs featuring both Purchase + Service and All Inclusive Rental Options.


Both options will provide your workplace with a never ending supply of clean, great tasting filtered water and we make everything as easy as can be for you while you improve your companies bottom line.





Time is our most precious resource. So let us help save some for you! 


Our All Inclusive Rental Program is easy to set up. Once installed you can set up a recurring monthly payment that costs less than a cell phone and supply your workplace with a never ending supply of clean great tasting water.


If you currently have a bottled water service and are considering making the change, prepare to say goodbye to:

  • Ordering Water Deliveries

  • Changing Heavy Bottles

  • Running Out of Water/Bottles when it is Hot out, our supply is endless

  • Paying more if your staff / customers drink more, there are no consumption charges

  • Mailing Cheques, we offer Automatic Pre-Authorized Payments or Easy Online Payments

  • Unexpected charges, we offer cost certainty

  • No scheduling appointments, we offer automatic scheduling making your life as simple as possible

  • Bottle Storage Racks and a lunch room filled or hallway with bottles both full and empty, we will save you a lot of space!



Bottled Water and Water Delivery Services are not just expensive but also hard on our environment.


One Point-of-Use (POU) Think Water Filtration Station can keep up to an overwhelming 925 Large Water Cooler Bottles (18.9L) from joining our local landfill per year.


The reasons to switch from Bottled Water to Filtered Water are staggering and improving our impact on our environment by helping lessen the amount of plastic that enters our landfill and ocean is another great reason to choose Think Water Filtration.

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